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Management Personnel

Company President Walt Keeney is a second generation trucker. He follows in the footsteps of his father who was in the trucking business during the great depression and his company Keeney Truck Lines, Inc. has been in business since 1944. Walt started Flour Transport, Inc. in 1962 and merged it into Keeney Truck Lines, Inc. in 1997. The combined companies work out of a location in Maywood California. He is responsible for the overall operations and finances of the company and oversees all operations in the Pacific Northwest. He may be contacted by e-mail addressed to

Kevin Keeney is vice president of Food Express. He started working in the family business while still in high school as a tank cleaner. When Food Express started operations he joined the company as a part owner and moved to central California to manage our terminal there. At that time Lathrop was the only fixed terminal facility we operated. He later moved back to Southern California and joined the main office staff in Arcadia. His main area of responsibility consist of overall management of our California operations along with sales, rates, licensing, and other varied duties. If you wish to contact him by e-mail click on this link

The Secretary/Treasurer is Joanna Keeney. She started working for the company as a part time job in 1983. For the first few years the main office was at home and she was the only office employee. When we moved the office out of the house in 1989 her part time job was up to about 72 hours per week. She now is responsible for all office operations in Arcadia including accounts payable, accounts receivable, health insurance and payroll. For the answers to any questions on these subjects send an e-mail to:

Lindsay Derryberry is the director of safety and Human resources and oversees all aspects of Driver management, Safety, DOT and State compliance along with all Human Resources and Environmental issues. Lindsay is a fourth generation Keeney in the trucking business and grew up around the business. Lindsay has been filling this position since June 1, 2006
Her e-mail is

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