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Food Grade Tank Wash

Vancouver, Washington

Vancouver, WA - Wash Rack 20130513_125238

May 19, 2013 New Peacock Hot Water Wash Equipment ready for installation.

Food Express operates an open to the public Food Grade Wash Rack in Vancouver Washington. This facility opened in late spring of 1998.   There are two drive through bays for interior tank washing and one bay for exterior vehicle washing.

We are equipped to clean all types of trailers, both liquid and dry bulk including all semi and double trailers.

    In mid 2014 we are installed a completely new computer operated wash system from Floyd Peacock Co. This is an all stainless steel unit designed especially for food grade and Kosher washes. We also installed a gas fired hot air tank drying system

Since June 1999 we have been certified by the Orthodox Union to operate as a Kosher wash station for the interior washing of Kosher food grade trailers. This certificate is renewed annually

The facility is located at 3818 Fruit Valley Road, Vancouver WA 98660

See attached price list for services and pricing.

For more information contact Jim Craig, Terminal Manager at (800) 289-0777

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